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Why You Should Try Some Old School Marketing Techniques

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Digital marketing has grown tremendously over the past few years. This is because it presents a major opportunity to engage consumers and increase brand awareness among others. While some of the digital marketing techniques have proved effective, others haven’t worked. For this reason, many businesses have incorporated conventional marketing strategies believed to be outdated into their existing marketing campaigns.

Even in today’s digital era, there are good reasons to use old school marketing techniques. Read on to see why you should try out some traditional forms of marketing.

1. Easily reach your local target audience

Traditional marketing techniques are very effective when it comes to reaching a local target audience. Using strategies such as outdoor advertising, printed materials, radio stations and TV stations can help you reach a target audience within your geographical location.

2. Your audience gets to keep printed materials

Online ads do not use printed materials. This gives some traditional marketing techniques such as the use of pamphlets, flyers, and posters an edge since your audience can keep them for future reference. These hard copies can be taken anywhere and re-read anytime, even without an internet connection.

What’s more, you can keep the promotional materials for reuse.

3. Interact with consumers at a personal level

The best thing about traditional marketing techniques is that consumers have the opportunity to meet the salesman face-to-face. Consumers prefer purchasing products from businesses that offer a level of human interaction. Use a virtual number, like the toll-free ones offered by eVoice, on your advertising materials to allow your customers to call you directly.

Conventional methods of marketing such as sending a birthday card with a special offer via direct mail allow your brand to develop a personal connection with the customer. This can increase the chances of a consumer purchasing your products or services.

4. It’s easy to understand

With older people already used to traditional forms of marketing, they don’t need a lot of explanation as to what these materials are for. They can simply accept a pamphlet or flyer, read it during their leisure time and know the product or brand being advertised.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, may not be suitable for older customers who are not Internet savvy. This means you could be potentially missing a whole demographic!

5. Hard copy marketing is easier to process and recall

Neuroscience seems to support the fact that paper marketing is easier to process and remember when compared to digital marketing techniques. Truelmpact, a Canadian neuromarketing firm, conducted a study to compare the effects of digital marketing (display ads and email) with paper marketing (direct mail pieces). The metrics evaluated in the study were attention, motivation, and ease of understanding.

The study revealed that direct mail required less cognitive effort to process than digital forms of marketing. Therefore, if you want consumers to remember your brand easily, use paper-based marketing.

While old school marketing techniques may seem archaic, they can be effective when supplemented with your current marketing strategies. Simply strike a good balance between the traditional and digital forms of marketing. The 80/20 rule of marketing derived from the Pareto Principle can be invaluable – 80 being digital and 20 being traditional marketing techniques.