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30 Profitable Business Ideas In Dubai With Low Investment

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Do you want to start a business in Dubai? And searching for profitable business ideas in Dubai with low investment? Dubai is considered as the commercial capital of United Arab Emirates and has the favorable economy for business investment. This is the main business hub amongst Arab countries. The UAE is a country, consisting of seven smaller ‘emirates’ which are similar to states. The seven states are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah and Umm al Qaiwain. Here in this post, I intend to explore the current economy overview for small business in Dubai and a list of 30 legitimate small business investment opportunities in Dubai.

Economy & Ease of Doing Business in Dubai

Dubai is popular as global ‘City of Opportunity.’ It has been ranked 1st for airport connections to business districts and 5th most affordable city in 2014. According to the PWC report, the state ranks 1st for lowest corporate tax rate globally, finishes 10th in cost of living, ranks 17th in the cost of business occupancy.

Dubai’s economy was initially built on revenues from the oil industry, revenue from petroleum and natural gas currently account for less than 2% of the emirate’s gross domestic product. The state became important ports of call for Western manufacturers. Today, UAE has focused its economy on tourism by building hotels and developing real estate. The city is also increasingly developing as a hub for service industries such as IT and finance, with the new Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

The UAE economy is resilient and can accommodate changes to market dynamics, open new frontiers, and diversity thanks to the country’s strong infrastructure, technology, and logistics. The UAE seeks to create new sustainable and competitive economic models and adopt more flexible approaches that boost cooperation between the public and private sector. Be it in Dubai or outside of the state, starting a business in Dubai is a very encouraging decision from entrepreneurs point of view.

List Of 30 Profitable Business Ideas In Dubai With Low Investment

#1. Advertising

Dubai is a very potential market for advertising professionals. You can initiate different advertising service providing from home. As the business grows, you can come up with a full-fledged establishment.

#2. Apparel

Dubai is famous for fashion apparels. It is one of the most popular destinations for shoppers. Apparel is a lucrative field to invest in the United Arab Emirates.

#3. Arts & Crafts Making

If you have a crafty mind and look for home based opportunity, then arts and crafts industry is just for you. Not only in Dubai, you can sell your product globally from online marketplaces.

#4. Automobile 

Transportation is highly integrated with Dubai. Starting a business in the automobile industry is a perfect proposition for new entrepreneurs. Different franchise opportunities are also available.

#5. Beauty

Beauty and health care industry is booming like anything in the United Arab Emirates. Service providing and retail outlets are the most profitable areas to cater.

#6. Bookkeeping

This is one of the most profitable homes based business ideas in Dubai. If you are an expert in this field, you can start this business with almost zero capital investment.

#7. Computer Related Businesses

The computer is an essential item for every small and big business. In this current digital era, computer related businesses have shown increasing growth. You can start a business with small startup capital.

#8. Consulting

Consulting is one of the most profitable business ideas in Dubai for subject matter experts. According to your knowledge and experience, you can start any of consulting business even from home.

#9. eCommerce

eCommerce is the most trending sector for investments. Online buying tendency of people and increasing spending capacity are the reason of the eCommerce growth. This business is highly management intensive.

#10. Education

The education industry is another booming sector in Dubai. Apart from traditional scopes, management institutes in different segments like a hotel, hospitality are doing very well.

#11. Entertainment

Dubai is very exciting for any entertainment industry. It has so many people from so many countries; there is certainly an enthusiastic audience.

#12. Fish Farming

The fast-growing population of Dubai has created a huge gap in demand and supply of seafood. Aquafarming is one of the most promising sectors for small business owners. The main driver of the aquaculture industry is a source of juveniles.

#13. Food Processing & Delivery Services

Any sort of business in the food industry is profitable in Dubai. Apart from the state’s own population, the country attracts huge visitors from across the globe.

#14. Green Business

Going green or becoming environmentally-friendly is now more than a trend and has become part of our culture, affecting an individual, local, and corporate initiatives.

#15. Handyman

Handyman service providers are in high demand in the country in various respect. You can start with individual services. Otherwise, you can form a company with different service offerings.

#16. Home Based Cooking Business

If you love and enjoy cooking you might be interested in starting a home based business on cooking. Any individual having with true passion about cooking can initiate this home based business with low capital investment.

#17. IT Industry

Dubai is the top business gateway for the Middle East and Africa.  Dubai Internet City, now combined with Dubai Media City as part of TECOM (Dubai Technology, Electronic Commerce and Media Free Zone Authority). If you are an IT professional, you can start a business of your own in the country.

#18. Jewellery making

Dubai is considered as jewelry hub. Jewelry making is one of the best business ideas here. Country’s retail jewelers cater to customers from over 180 nationalities, expatriates as well as tourists. The jewelry that sells here is imported from over 30 countries.

#19. Oil & Gas

The revenue generated by sales of oil and gas comprise a significant proportion of the budget of the Emirates. This dependence is particularly strong in Abu Dhabi, which earns 55% of its budget and GDP from sales of carbohydrates.

#20. Photography

Tourism in Dubai, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates, is an important part of the government’s strategy to maintain the flow of foreign cash into the emirate. There are several niche ideas to start a photography business in Dubai.

#21. Poultry Farming

Major poultry operations in Dubai are fully integrated, including on-farm slaughtering facilities. They also have their marketing, sales and distribution staff and some even retail directly. Medium and large scale poultry farming is a profitable business in Dubai.

#22. Real Estate

Real estate business ideas in Dubai are the most lucrative segments to invest. The country is home to skyscrapers such as Emirates Towers, which are the 12th and 24th tallest buildings in the world and the Burj-al-Arab hotel, located on its own artificial island and currently the world’s fifth tallest and most expensive hotel.Residential projects and commercial real estates both are the profitable proposition for new entrepreneurs.

#23. Recruitment Agency

Dubai is one of the dream city for foreign job seekers. Recruitment is a key challenge as the indigenous population accounts for just 0.5% of the workforce, the balance will be drawn from outside the United Arab Emirates. This situation has created a strong Recruitment agency industry, scouring candidates to fill the increasing number of vacancies.

#24. Recycling Business 

Any individual can earn handsome money from a home-based recycling business. The magnitude of garbage that we produce is increasing day-by-day at a disturbing rate. While most people are aware of the effects of not recycling used materials, much more are not even aware that recycling can be a lucrative business.

#25. Retail

Economic improvements boost spending on retailing among locals, tourists, and the expat community.
Internet retailing remains a small but growing channel in the country. You can start any sort of retail business by purchasing a franchise also.

#26. Security

Private investigation is a highly respected field that has grown significantly in the last few decades. Private investigators contribute significantly to law enforcement, cyber crime, surveillance and human resource.

#27. Telecommunication

The telecommunication industry in Dubai has grown at an annual rate of 20% over the past few years, and the increasing life standard has boosted the demand for digital lifestyle products.

#28. Tourism

Dubai is a hub of tourism industry including shopping tourism, business tourism, cultural tourism, sports tourism, medical tourism etc. Starting a business in the tourism industry is definitely a profitable venture for new entrepreneurs.

#29. Transportation

Dubai Govt. is providing high-quality infrastructure facilities and an advanced transport and logistics network for the people of the country. Because of the growing population, experience a high amount of traffic congestion. The city has become the most congested city in the Middle East. Professionals working in the country spend an average of 1 hour and 45 minutes commuting to and from work. This has created opportunities for small entrepreneurs in the transportation industry.

#30. Vending Machine

Dubai is considered as the shopping city. It attracts millions of travelers across the globe throughout the year. A vending machine is an advanced form of retail business. A vending machine is a simple machine that dispenses any items like foods, drinks, cigarettes, etc. Snacks and cold beverages are the largest product segments in the industry.


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