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6 Reasons Why an App can Benefit Businesses in Dubai

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The mobile industry witnessed great growth over the past decade, and with the continuous growth of smartphones, the future of the digital world began to take a new shape. Applications are the essence of smartphones. From social network applications to games and business related, applications are the new gateway to achieving what otherwise was considered impossible. Here are a few reasons why you need an app for your business:

1. Brand exposure and recognition:
An app can expose your brand far beyond what you can reach and much faster than the traditional methods. You can design your app your way and align it to your clients’ tastes and convenience to leverage on potential benefits. Using your brand logo, special designs, and other related imageries, to appeal to your client and make them use your app more often will lead to an “effective frequency” which ultimately will result in getting noticed.

2. Direct marketing:
Another powerful reason for having an app is the ability to use direct marketing channels to reach out to your audience. An app offers a wide range of features, one feature, however, provides the biggest benefits of all and enhances the effectiveness of other features, and that’s push notification feature. With this, you can avail your ability to alert your clients about any special deals and promotions you might have. This powerful tool can be used to target clients at specific locations or with specific preferences. The ability to filter the type or location of your clientele improves the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

3. Increase sales turnover:
The previous two reasons really complement the third. Because brand exposure and effective direct marketing simply lead to increased sales. An application can drive extra revenue for your business by having a point of sale function in the app which allows your clients to place orders conveniently. This constant presence and easily accessible information from the app can improve your clients’ overall experience.

4. Get instant feedback:
The sales cycle is never complete until you get an after-sale feedback. Regardless of your business nature, your clients will always have something to say about your business, products, and services. Getting an instant feedback gives you the edge to take a snapshot at your performance on real time basis and allow you to provide timely responses to your clients’ inquiries.

5. Loyalty Program:
Rewarding your clients is one effective way to keep them coming back, get them involved and more engaged. Providing them with a digitalized loyalty program will add greater value to your clients. It is difficult to reach out to your clients with all the “noise” out there. It is time to create a sincere connection through a digital platform and make your client’s loyal lovers of your products.

6. Increase your competitive edge:
The application industry is still at its growth stage. This means that this is the perfect time to consider an app for your business. The world is changing at the speed of light and coping with this change at early stages can be rewarding to a business. An app will give your business the edge to stand out from your competition and be on top of the league.