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5 Ways App Development Benefits Small Business

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Does a small business need a mobile app? We’ll review the main benefits a good app can bring.

Evolving business can be a tough and complicated process. Reaching success demands time, money, energy and a lot of attention to the little details. Launching a mobile application may not seem that valuable, but for small businesses as well as bigger ones, developing a mobile app can be a pivotal solution. Keeping connected with your on-the-go customers enhances your chances to wrap up a beneficial deal and leverage your bottom line.

In this article, we are going to discover five ways app development can benefit small businesses.

You Will Be Visible and Available to Your Customer at Any Time

The world is going more mobile every day. Recent studies show that the average American citizen spends almost three hours per day on a mobile device. And this data shows only the statistics in America; the numbers in Europe and on other continents are also impressive.

With an efficient application, all these mobile users can easily become your customers once you take serious actions in your mobile app development. Imagine how many clients your small business could attract, ones you will always keep visible and assist every step of the way. And with an eye-catching icon design, your company will be much more noticeable and recognizable.

Improve Your SEO Ranking

Everybody dreams about good SEO rankings, and everybody wants to get to the top of the search. The truth is, according to Google reports in 2015, mobile search already surpassed desktop search; thus, mobile traffic is becoming more important and valuable. Moreover, Google is starting to implement mobile-first indexing, which means the mobile versions of websites will be indexed instead of the desktop versions.

As you can see, mobile app development will eventually terminate the era of desktop-first search. The experts speculate that in 2017, mobile will become practically the key factor in gaining higher rankings and improving conversion rates. That is why, if you really care about the SEO ranking of your small business (and we believe you do), it’s high time you launched a mobile app.

Better Customer Engagement and Awareness

There are different channels for reaching out to your audience. The most frequently used and popular include mailing via newsletter subscription, a landing page and Google Ads. And what is really amazing about mobile applications is push notifications. By simply using a mobile app, you can send out the messages directly to your customers to inform them of discounts, special offers or deals at your company.

According to the survey, almost 90 percent of users who launch a mobile application of a particular company get push notifications within 45 seconds of intimation. That means you can provide your customers with all updates right away, so your clients will get to know all the news on time.

Enhance Your Brand

Your mobile app is a great way of presenting your brand to the audience. It is up to you what exactly you have in your mobile application and what kind of information it delivers to the public.

The key points here are to fill an application with relevant, useful and convenient features and, of course, create exclusive design with informative content that conveys your brand’s concept. This is the process of gaining trust and recognition of your customers, and that is why your mobile app should be as transparent as possible. A mobile app doesn’t only inform your customers about your services or products; it tells the story of your brand and educates your users.

Boost Your Profits

To craft a decent mobile app for your small business, you will surely have to spend some time and money. But as a result, such investments (the cost of app development) will turn into dramatic improvements of your benefits. Using a mobile app, it will always be much simpler for a user to make a purchase. Mobile applications are designed so that a CTA button is always visible and located in a convenient place on the screen.

Moreover, the system of mobile payments allows your customers to handle any financial transactions via phone or tablet. The statistics confirm that 70 percent of all mobile users convert within an hour, which means 70 percent of your mobile users will order from you within one hour of their visiting your mobile application.
Mobile applications combine a bunch of convenient features alongside a relatively low price and easy maintenance. However, you can precisely estimate the benefits your small business can get by launching a mobile app. You can easily improve your brand visibility and recognition with a high-quality mobile app.