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Key Features of Successful Mobile Apps

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With the incredible sales of smartphones, tablets, and wearables, mobile apps have turned into vital tools for commerce. A mobile app has to be taken into serious consideration when brands think of marketing. If you are thinking of incorporating a mobile application into your business model, you need to include a number of essential features [...]

How Mobile Apps Benefit Primary Education

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Proper education lays the foundation for a highly successful life and a promising future. Therefore, education ranks amongst the prime necessities of an individual’s life. With the ever-evolving professional arena creating some of the greatest career opportunities, a strong elementary education has become the need of the hour. If you are one [...]

Must Have Features For A Top Notch Mobile App

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The App Store experienced a record setting year and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Forecasts predict that mobile apps will gross over $160 billion this year and app developers and top app development companies are experiencing all of the benefits of this rapid growth. Since there is such a wide range of choices […]

3 Technology Trends That Benefit Both Classrooms and Homeschools

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Technology has been moving fast in the past few years. New developments have opened avenues for teaching and learning that weren’t possible less than a decade ago. Technology that started out merely as time-wasters and distractions are now being used to enhance the learning experience, and to take students to the next level. Not all […]

Benefits of Using Health and Fitness Apps

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Everyone’s talking about health and fitness today. The whole world is trying to get into better shape, and you don’t want to be left behind. Thankfully, your mobile device can help you become a fitter and healthier you with great health and fitness apps that cost next to nothing. You don’t have to blow through […]

How Apps Connect Brand Loyalty to Convenience

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The proverb has changed: The mobile customer is always right. Most people are now visiting the top food and restaurant sites exclusively from their mobile devices. For example, has the main percentage of mobile use from the latest comScore survey from the Retail-Food and Lifestyle Food categories- stating that 92.2% of all [...]

Hospitality Industry and Mobile Apps

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We see apps everywhere and for everything. No matter what service or product, you will have access to it via an app on your mobile. There are some industries which are early adopters of tech as compared to others. Hospitality seems to have favored apps for different functions. Whether it’s hotels, restaurants, resorts, theme parks or [...]

Data and design can keep mobile travelers engaged

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Our lives have become increasingly mobile, with research showing that US consumers spend more than five hours each day interacting with on-the-go devices. Today’s connected travelers aren’t just spending more time on mobile, their expectations for this channel are growing at the same time. A recent Google survey found that 90% of consumers [...]

What Motivates Users to Download Apps?

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Look at the question in the title. Very simple, very straightforward, you’d even say — superficial. A simple question, right? ‘They (users) have a problem, and they’re looking to an app to solve it.’ Simple question — simple answer. Then again, scratching the surface, we can see that it’s not really that simple, and it […]

Mobile App Marketing Insights: How Consumers Really Find and Use Your Apps

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People download apps every day, but the truth is that many of them are abandoned or never even used. New Google and Ipsos research uncover how people discover and engage with apps—and what brands can do about it. Before you enjoy that cup of coffee each morning, chances are you’ve already turned to a mobile […]