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How to avoid burnout as a small business owner

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If you’re a business owner, then you probably understand how difficult it can be to establish a work/life balance. If you’re a new entrepreneur, there is so much that you have to handle! Not only do you need to worry about your money-producing activities, there’s also accounting, marketing, social media and more to worry about. […]

Things to Do When Business Is Slow

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P.S. Pin or bookmark this list, and any time you’re sitting around this year with “nothing to do” for your small business, or wondering how you can grow your business, read this list. 1. Send some handwritten notecards to clients. Thank them, inspire them, give them some free business ideas or tips. You know … […]

5 Lessons That Helped Me Become A Better Leader

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A mentor can be anyone. A family member, a friend or even a fictional character is capable of providing valuable insights that can help you develop as a business leader. For Joshua, many of the most influential people in his life weren’t mentors by design. But five groups of people helped shape the businessman he […]

6 Advantages for Developing a Mobile App for Your Business

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From social media platforms to news channels, you use apps all day, but have you thought about having your own? Announcing a new app is trendy and it is a good way to appear in the media, but let me tell you six great reasons why every small or medium size business should consider developing […]

Three Reasons Why Dubai Restaurants Should Offer a Mobile App

Restaurant Mobile Apps
Many industries are enhancing the customer experience with mobile apps, and the restaurant industry is no exception. Restaurants of all sizes are developing mobile apps that customers can use to make reservations, order takeout, and even update their dining preferences. In fact, a recent survey showed that the majority of restaurants use [...]

How Technology Has Transformed The Fitness Industry

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Technology has seen the fitness industry undergo a massive transformation; shaping consumer behaviour like never before. A simple search on the app store under ‘fitness’ unveils a huge variety of apps to help you get fit and, most importantly, stay motivated. But are fitness apps doing fitness trainers out of a job? Probably not. In […]

6 Reasons Why an App can Benefit Businesses in Dubai

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The mobile industry witnessed great growth over the past decade, and with the continuous growth of smartphones, the future of the digital world began to take a new shape. Applications are the essence of smartphones. From social network applications to games and business related, applications are the new gateway to achieving what otherwise was [...]