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Review Digitalized Professional Proposals  

Writing a proposal is one thing, making your proposals digital is another. With Bidsketch, not only that I get my proposals professionally done, but also fully digitalized. Sending a proposal is one of the most appealing features of the platform. Once the proposal is sent, you will know when your recipient has viewed it. It also provides the information that for how long the client reviewed the copy and when they saved it on their device. It is an amazing tool. it made everything easy.

The main reason I chose to use Bidsketch is because I am challenged when it comes to proposal writing, let alone making it a professional proposal. When dealing with other businesses, professionalism counts towards everything.

So, what is Bidsketch exactly?

Bidsketch is an online based tool that helps freelancers and startup businesses create professional looking proposals. You get total control over the proposal content, however, Bidsketch team has done a great job covering important content of the proposal for different services in the IT industry. The best part is that you have full permission to use the content. There are no guidelines saying that you cannot use the exact copy, however, it is always best to create your own version of the content.

Sure, this takes time, so initially use the template content until you get grasp of the whole platform.

I use Bidsketch to complete some of my proposals and now it is easy for me to duplicate the words and change templates using the software. It even allowed me to set up the variables like the name of my customers, company name and what not.

Another feature that I liked about was the electronic signature. I have to say this was my favourite, it makes it easy to work with clients remotely and increases the chances of closing deals even when you are away or on vacation.

Bidsketch is a reliable tool and it is secured. It has a friendly user-interface and it is completely adjustable to match your business needs. In addition to all of this, Bidsketch team is there for you and they will guide you with the system. Not to mention the walk-through when you first set-up your account is well designed and covers most of the things you need from the first try. That’s not all, when I contacted Bidsketch support for assistance, I was offered to schedule a Concierge call with Natalie, Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the call. Nevertheless, a follow up by Natalie to schedule another call was made immediately.

Regardless of those benefits and amazing features, I did face a drawback with the system; there was no edit options once the proposal is sent to the client. To be fair, I understand the reason behind this, however, mistakes happen and sometimes we need to edit and fix those mistakes, especially if you re-negotiated the terms with the client, and it requires you to edit your proposal. Writing the proposal from the start again was a letdown.

All in all, the platform is amazing and I wouldn’t write a proposal without it. It really takes the burden of writing proposal content off your shoulders and it helps take your business to the next level.